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Upcoming Events:

Past Events:

8/19/06 The Quickening:
This is the end-all-be-all of Jesus Horse™ rides! Twenty Four solid hours of activity. Something akin to exploging a pipe bomb inside your bottom. If you have read this, you're invited! Visit for disinfo.

9/10/05 The Ride to Survive '05:
The weather sucked, but holyfuck we had a special time! See for a full media review (including photos and video).

1/5/05 The Winter Formal:
A dedicated gang of riders got dressed up real nice like for a chilly night out. (see photos)

12/22/04 Yule Dawg Meet 'n Eat:
The Rules:
1:) Decorate your hotdog any way you want.
2:) 7-11 worker judges your work.
3:) Eat all of it (leftovers go into pants)!
4:) Winners announced! (see photos)

8/7/04 Rawhide Ride:
The mother of all Jesus Horse™ rides! We had almost twenty riders, a Chick-Tract, and a steady stream of burgers coming off the Barbecycle. (see photos)

July of '03 The First Jesus Horse™ Ride EVER:
Five kids out to make the world a better place. (see the photo)