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A Frightening Prospect
A friend and I started this street art project, shortly after the Sarah Palin announcement. The poster went up in cities all over the US, and the site includes instructions for printing, preparing wheatpaste, and hitting the streets.


Jesus Horse™
Jesus Horse™ (formerly The Chop CLux Clan) is an informal gang of chopper riders/builders. We generally host rides at least twice a year, and just try to act normal and blend in. Below are a few of our favorite creations.

The Tandem Tallbike
The Tandem Tallbike is a monstrosity; its top seat is literally six feet off the ground, plus it can be pedaled by both riders. Check out the short flick of TWO riders on the Tandy in the videos section.

The BAR-B-Cycle
The BAR-B-Cycle allows a rider to keep pace with the pack while preparing a delicious BBQ meal!

The Triple-Nipple (with Hur Chariot)
The Triple-Nipple has 3x the power of a plain vanilla bike. The unique Ben Hur style chariot allows a driver (with whip) to motivate the hell out of the people pedalling, making it one of the faster vehicles we have built to date.


The Disposable Show
The Disposable Show aired on Eugene Public Access Cable Television in mid 2001. It was the brainchild of Wes and Dean, who co-wrote, co-filmed, and co-edited the entire production.

Watch the trailer and first episode in the videos section.

Graphic Design:

Vector Art
This is a collection of work I did with Adobe Illustrator:
A Chopper (this is the original photo)
A pair of Glasses
The Old Jesus Horse™ Logo (Chop CLux Clan)
A Business Card for a Music Video project

Bitmap Art
Here are some examples of my Adobe Photoshop work:
The banner for an online gallery
The front and back of an invitation
My friend and I play a first person shooter together--these are some in-game sprays I cooked up: Expectant and Rodent